By Dr. Jeffrey Bohn, Chief Strategy Officer, One Concern

Well-designed and extensively deployed insurance builds societal resilience in the face of natural disasters, providing individuals, organizations, and communities the means to recover faster. But, unfortunately, the protection gap between the insured and uninsured continues to widen — reaching a high…

By Ahmad Wani, CEO & Co-Founder, One Concern

After many failed infrastructure weeks, President Biden and Congressional leaders can share a victory lap for finally signing into law the most extensive infrastructure package our country has ever seen. Not only will the law upgrade aging infrastructure, but it ambitiously funds climate resilience, something never seen before.

Part of…

Zhengxiang Yi, Ph.D., Lynne Burks, Ph. D., Youngsuk Kim, Ph.D., Jaskanwal Chhabra, Ph.D., Shabaz Patel.

Introduction — Soft Story Building Vulnerability

If you rent or own a home on the US west coast, earthquake risk is an inevitable topic. Homeowners have many concerns on earthquake risk, such as seismic capacity of the house, the possibility of an earthquake happening, and earthquake insurance. …

Our New Work Model Embraces Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

The pandemic has drastically shifted workplace environments worldwide while accelerating the adoption of and preference for remote work. Across industries, employees want more individual flexibility, greater personal choice, shorter commutes, and stronger work-life balance, including the ability to spend more time with their families and loved ones. …

One Concern reviews our cutting-edge research with leaders in the fields of disaster science, data science, engineering, and water resources through regular meetings with our Technical Working Group. We recently convened a meeting to review One Concern’s latest infrastructure, flood and seismic models, inclusive of downtime and recovery calculations.


One Concern

We’re advancing science and technology to build global resilience, and make disasters less disastrous

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