Our New Work Model Embraces Equity, Inclusion and Belonging


Jaskanwal P. S. Chhabra, Ph.D., Greg Brunelle, MS, MA, Youngsuk Kim, Ph.D., Junichi Sakai, Ph.D, Deepak Pant, Ph.D, & Shabaz Patel, MS


H/t Markus Spiske

Tell us about yourself. What brought you to One Concern?

Dr. Yi Liu, Data Scientist at One Concern

Cassie Guo, Ph.D, Senior Data Scientist, Epidemiology & Abhineet Gupta, Ph.D, Director of Resilience Research

Gregory Brunelle, Vice President of Emergency Management & Global Engagement and Deborah Weiser, Senior Manager of Customer Success

One Concern

We’re advancing science and technology to build global resilience, and make disasters less disastrous

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